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Freeworlds: Tides of War - Development Video # 15 Freelancer Mod News
Posted by Sushi on 2011/12/17 19:36:39 (3540 reads)

Firstly, I wanted to thank all our fans for voting us into the top 100 mods for the 4th year in a row. We're so privledged to have such a dedicated and supportive fanbase and without you words of encouragement, I'm sure we would have packed the mod in quite some time ago!

Over the past few days, I've had some extra time away from my residency program in Emergency Medicine to spend on the mod. In that time, I've been working on closing up some loose ends. One of those is getting the lovely Mon Calamari Shipyards that Sizer designed from scratch into game. After some time getting her prepared, you can see her in game!

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Updated DX9 Engine for Freelancer Freelancer Mod News
Posted by Sushi on 2011/12/11 4:57:15 (5812 reads)

With phase 1 of the MODDB awards coming to an end, the FW:ToW worked very hard over the past several days to convince you why you should vote for us.

In the past 10 days, we've been putting out image after image of our new DX9 engine and some tweaks that have gone a long way making the game look even better than before. FriendlyFire has been working, even when he should be studying for exams, at making this nearly 10 year old game really shine. Below is some of his work with summary of what he did:


One of the key points was to make planets actually look like planets and not foggy, blurry spheres. In (...)

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4.86 Release Date and Teaser Freelancer Mod News
Posted by Cannon on 2011/12/9 2:44:59 (2754 reads)

The Discovery FL development team are pleased to announce that Discovery Freelancer 4.86 – The Exiles will be released on the December 30 2011.

The development team including infocard writers, system coders, ship designers and testers have been and are still frantically busy completing the remaining tasks. We’re pushing hard and will do everything possible to hit this release date. In the last 2 months we’ve made awesome progress and we are excited share the first trailer.

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Official Freeworlds: Tides of War Teaser Trailer Freelancer Mod News
Posted by Sushi on 2011/12/5 3:10:28 (2467 reads)

Over the past two weeks, ChewieBacca, one of our testers decided to make a teaser trailer for our followers. This is just but a very small, short, glimpse of what you can expect to see when you play FW:ToW this Spring!

Stay tuned for more updates over the next few weeks! And please, if you haven't already, and you want to support our mod, don't forget to vote for us at the MODDB Mod of the Year Awards!!

As always, any comments, suggestions or questions are welcomed!
[center]Please follow us also on:

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A year in review and mod release date change! Freelancer Mod News
Posted by Sushi on 2011/12/3 5:16:24 (2578 reads)

I always enjoy the MODDB awards as it's a great way for development teams to look back at all the hard work they've done over the year. When I look back at the amount of things accomplished for this mod, it's truly nothing short of epic. We are now 95% finished for release with only a few features left to add. In this article I will highlight some of our milestones we've had since the last MODDB awards as well as as well as update you on our release date.

We started off the year with a HUGE update to the mod with w0dk4 bringing normal and specular mapping to the DX9 conversion. W0dk4 has spent an incalculable amount of hours updating the graphics engine with just stunning results. For more information on how he did (...)

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IONCROSS Freelancer: Total War Freelancer Mod News
Posted by Nyquist on 2011/11/17 15:53:50 (3888 reads)

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IONCROSS Total War is a multiplayer game created by modification of Microsoft's Freelancer game universe. You must have a legal copy of Microsoft Freelancer to play this game. It is not designed for single player use.

The game has taken over 18 months to complete and relies not only on sophisticated modification of the Freelancer universe, but on proprietary server programs that monitor game parameters, introduce dynamic change and enforce compliance with the game rules.

IONCROSS Total War (ICTW) is a battle for dominance between the forces of Liberty and Rheinland and you must choose to join either of these major factions or one of the two pirate clans that prey on them. The Ioncross Web (...)

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Official Roleplay guide and DX9 Updates Freelancer Mod News
Posted by Sushi on 2011/9/30 15:50:00 (3094 reads)

All I can say it has been a heck of week in development. That's to do with a few factors, one mainly being I've been on vacation for a week from my residency program. Fortunately, this has allowed me to dedicate my time working on some of the models in the mod and getting them to use the full capabilities of the DX9 engine. As a result, I've been able to upgrade all 107 ships of our shiplist. To see that link, click here. About 85% of those ships have normal and specular mapping applied. The rest will be added at a later date when we upgrade the XWAUP ships we're currently using for the mod. For those of you that have missed some of the videos, here's two of my favourites: