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January. 22, 2021

Wings of the Federation II

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New Universe: Ori Invasion Freelancer Server News
Posted by Mindhunter on 2009/8/30 10:20:00 (5246 reads)

The Ori have succesfully reoganised and are now invading Sirius!
Fight them and collect their stuff!
Tune up and fight the invasion thread alltogether with your enemies and friend's.
This is not the time for our small conflicts, it's time to lay them aside and fight together to survive!

Check for more info.

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Biocross RC1 - it's back! Freelancer Server News
Posted by Worfeh on 2009/8/4 4:40:00 (7018 reads)



After an admittedly depressing start to BETA...


Where large reports of numerous crashes and what not made me cry repeatedly and hit my head of the wall, whilst screaming WHY!?...


I am very happy to bring you the next step up - in the words of some famous rapper - it's harder, better, faster AND stronger...


So strong, hard and fast in fact that I have dubbed it a Release Candidate - (although I know somebody will find something especially FF, he always has something to say >.>)


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The Freelancer Sirius Server Freelancer Server News
Posted by Worfeh on 2009/7/8 14:10:00 (2718 reads)

{mos_smf_discuss:Front News}


Introducing the...

The Freelancer Sirius Server

Freelancer Sirius: The Server is the new thing for Freelancer Sirius, (as you know, FLS was a community, not a server), our current goal is:

  1. 1. Create at least over 100 custom made systems

  2. 2. Edit and make better Existing Systems.

  3. 3. New and exciting equipment.

  4. 4. New and exotic commodities.

  5. 5. New and potentially dangerous factions (some will be more dangerous than Outcasts in Malta).

  6. 6. Big Clan Systems (won't count in the 100 custom made systems).

  7. 7. New Bases (bases as in new base structures).

  8. < (...)

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Evil Empire Revolution Freelancer Server News
Posted by Worfeh on 2009/6/26 6:40:00 (2816 reads)

{mos_smf_discuss:Front News}

Hello fellow freelancers its me again just to let you all know i got hold of the epsilon mod 3.12 and i added battleships.if you want to play this mod its on the Evil Empire Revolution server thats my portal link this is the link to mod and the patch just extract the zip file both files are in flmod format.

the server is running 24/7 http://68.36.65 (...)

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Shattered Worlds :: War-Torn! Freelancer Server News
Posted by Worfeh on 2009/6/12 16:00:00 (6167 reads)