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January. 22, 2021

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Welcome to The Starport! The Starport is your definitive resource for all things Freelancer game: mods, modding, tips and tricks, it's all in here. Head over to our Wiki if you'd like to delve straight into our continuously expanding database of knowledge, or tune into our forums if you'd prefer asking straight to the pros! Be sure to participate in one of the greatest space-sim communities and let's hope you will, like us, become a fan of the Freelancer game.
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SolCommand * 3D Models * Freelancer Community News
Posted by SolCommand on 2009/11/30 16:29:29 (15128 reads)

As a token of appreciation for all the hard work the Freelancer community puts in developing mods and finding new codes that add even more depth to our favorite game, I decided I should give a helping hand in the form of 3D models. I'm not much of an experienced 3D artist but I have the will to try and create models as best as I can for all those that need a new ship or base to spice up their mod. My collection includes ships, bases, asteroids and all sorts of objects that you might find in space ... and I'm adding new models to it almost on a daily basis. You can use all these models for any "Freelancer" mod, or even other games with the only requests of you telling me you're about to use my models in your project and also to mention my name somewhere in your mod's credits.
* Some models come with a background story:

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@Freelancer_MP - FL joins Twitter! Freelancer Community News
Posted by Roo Avery on 2009/10/8 19:50:00 (6063 reads)

Twitter as we all know is the new Social Networking tool of the masses. Businesses use it. Consumers use it. Global Enterprises use it and even celebrities. And now I would like to recommend, we use it.

To that end I have created a @Freelancer_MP twitter account and would like to invite Community Site Admins and Server Admins to submit to me their front page RSS feeds. These will be then ‘tweeted’ out to the world to follow. What better way to build recognition for all our communities at once?

The details;

1) Roo-Avery holds account details for @Freelancer_MP. As I am no longer associated to any one site or server, I am an unbiased community member attempting to help all Sites and Servers.

2) Every Community site and MP Server can submit 1 (one) RSS feed to me to be configured with the Twitter account. This will automatically then be ‘tweeted’ at intervals and at random.

3) Only Front Page or forum equivalent RSS feeds can (...)

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German Fansite introduction: Freelancer Community News
Posted by Bas on 2009/9/28 0:03:13 (5938 reads)

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today I am representing you, a german fansite for FL modding, gamers, and space sim games. We hold a lot of german modding tutorials and also some helpful modders who will help you with your problems.
I have also launched the "Freelancer Addon: Station-Network" project recently, which has the philosophy to share all used ressources and to improve the Freelancer game in general, especially in it's graphics. The addon will be usable at any vanilla server and SP once it is finished.

Furthermore, we also have two additional developer (...)

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Freelancer Feature Article needs your Screenshots! Freelancer Community News
Posted by Roo Avery on 2009/9/25 22:31:41 (3791 reads)

Server Admins/Owners and Modders - this one is for you!

I am in the process of writing a Freelancer feature for one of the UK's premier Xbox Live Fansites. This feature will be displayed in their PC Gaming News forum, their Review forum and on their RSS Feed and Twitter.

The fansite is run by a Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional) and the site is an EMEA Xbox Community Network member, an IGDA Member and a Microsoft Partner.

What does that mean? It means good things for you guys.

I have the opportunity to write this as I am the resident PC News Writer and a member of the Game Review team on the site.

I am happy to inform you I will be featuring 10 screenshots in this feature. That gives 10 servers the opportunity to submit a screenshot to me to be featured. It will be a first come first served basis. The first 10 to hit my inbox only.

Each screenshot will be accompanied by a caption that gives the server name (...)

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Digital Brilliance Freelancer Community News
Posted by LancerSolurus on 2009/9/9 2:06:13 (3271 reads)

Digital Brilliance

Come and post your Youtube videos, Digital Brilliance is not just for Freelancer anymore. Science, music and much more is now available for your viewing, this includes advertising for your sites and your MODs.

I've been a long time supporter of Freelancer and this won't stop anytime soon, many tools and addons can be downloaded for modders of Freelancer.

This is also the home page of Solurus Systems MOD, one of the largest MODs for Freelancer, so come and join us on the server and find out what my imagination has to offer

Digital Brilliance is bringing you closer to your goal!

Click HERE to visit the site

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Freelancer Server Statistics page has moved! Freelancer Community News
Posted by Worfeh on 2009/8/4 13:10:00 (2091 reads)

Just wanted to inform everyone that the Freelancer Multiplayer Server Statistics page has moved to

The graphs for the single server statistics have also changed, please check the 24h/7d topserver pages to find your server graphs.

Also, graphs are now updated in 15 minute intervals rather than 30 minutes. Server player data is now stored up to 10 days rather than 7 days.

Since there has been an IP change for the DNS, this may still need some time to be propagated, so dont worry if you cannot reach the new site yet.

Oh, and please make a donation if you like this service (the server doesnt pay itself), I have added a donation link to the bottom at the main page.

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Vote for Freelancer at Freelancer Community News
Posted by Worfeh on 2009/2/19 19:00:00 (2784 reads)

{mos_smf_discuss:Front News}

Good old Games (.com) is a website where you can buy and download "good old games" without nasty DRM.

They have a wishlist for games that should get included in their catalogue.

Register now and vote for Freelancer:


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