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February. 20, 2017
The S³ Experiment The Starport archive
Posted by Worfeh on 2009/2/3 11:51:04 (1546 reads) News by the same author

The S³ Experiment

The Starport Story Spotlight is a feature new to The Starport giving the talented writers amongst our servers some well deserved spotlight attention.

The feature will work in the following way;

  • Every server is invited to submit 1 RP Story line from their server.

  • An announcement will be made in a new dedicated area of the SP forums announcing the start of the one week period in which the writers should post thier stories.

  • Once this one week period is up and all entries are in, a vote will be thrown up so that the community can vote for the story they enjoyed the most. This vote will stay up for 2 weeks giving people time to read all the entries and make their decision.

  • At the end of the 2 weeks, after the votes have been counted, A winner will be announced and the winning story will appear as a news article on the SP front page. This will give the winning author and Server some free advertising. The story will also appear as a news item in the front news forum as the winning story.

  • All story submissions should be COMPLETED stories. That means we need a start, a middle and an end. With this in mind, servers can submit story lines that are up to 18 months old.

  • If a story was written between 2 or more writers as a combined effort, all credits must be present and correct. Any entry with the incorrect credits will be disqualified.

Over the next few days I would start discussing this feature with your servers and deciding upon a story you want to submit. As remember, each server can only submit ONE story.

Small hint: You can expect the 1 week entry timer to begin in about 4 days.

More information will follow shortly.

We look forward to seeing what each server puts forward.

The Staff Team.

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